February 26, 2013

Picture Perfect

It was a picture perfect day. 

We went to Cathedral Grove, the old growth forest about a half hour away.
It was raining just hard enough that it was wise to leave my camera in the car.
It was green and fresh and energizing.
It was gorgeous.
And wet and muddy.
But it was the perfect spot.

Driving home along Cameron Lake, the wind picked up.
A Qualicum wind was developing.
The waves were cresting. The trees were blowing.
And it was still raining.

Driving down the hill back to our home, the sun started to shine.
Though it was still raining.
And then, you guessed it. A perfect rainbow.
Full. From one end to the other. And huge.

A picture perfect day with no pictures to share.

But a beautiful memory.
And a feeling of contentment with our chosen home.