A Third

Our show, Three's Company, ran October 14-16, at the Wychwood Artscape Barns, Toronto. It was a wonderful show shared by two talented artists, Penny Milton, a fibre artist, and Ruth Baumann, a painter.

Penny, me, and Ruth
The show, as curated by my son

Here is my third of the show ...

1. Orange Blush (on canvas 24x18)

2. Mellow Yellow (on canvas 24x18)

3. Red Dream (on canvas 24x18)

4. Purple Haze (on canvas 24x18)

5. Delightfully

6. Jumping for Joy

 7. A Memory of Happiness

 8. Baring her Soul

9. Sometimes the Clouds are Like that

10. Morning on the Gorge

11. Purely

12. Radiance

13. Part of Me

Thanks to everyone who came by.